Sarah Dieter

Geneseo , NY
Kelly’s Saloon/ The Lantern Lounge/Fanatics

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T H A N K - Y O U.

The Foam Bucket


  • Foam turned to beer from your kegerator overflow ;)


Anyone who loves Kelly's Saloon will remember our old single pour kegerator. Attached to the spout was this homeade cut out overflow bucket. The ass of the day was nominated to take it down after a long day of transforming from foam to beer. Sometimes people dared their friends while others simply craved it - a true taste of Kelly's. We all thought the music would die the day that kegerator passed on. Simply let your draft beer overflow in a homeade bucket, let it sit for a while while you earn your "Ass of the Day" drink by pranking your partner or kids ;) Have fun with it, we always did haha! Cheers!