Frequently Asked Questions

General Info

+ What is Smoke Out Support?

Smoke Out Support is an online united front that supports out-of-work service industry workers and musicians that rely on restaurants and bar performances who have been put out of steady work by COVID-19. Our goal is to Smoke Out COVID-19 with each generous gratuity from our patrons and help industry workers and musicians come out on top.

+ Who is behind Smoke Out Support?

The Iron Smoke Distillery family in Fairport, NY and development partners Managed Services Team (MST) and Truth Collective are behind the creation of the website. Iron Smoke Distillery was founded by musician Tommy Brunett in 2011.

+ Why was Smoke Out Support created?

Like many other businesses, Iron Smoke Distillery’s tasting room and event space in Fairport, NY was indefinitely closed due to COVID-19, putting all of our staff members and the performing artists that graced our stage out of work. We wanted to find a way to help them during these uncertain times and we believe that Smoke Out Support will do just that, along with helping the countless others who have been affected.

+ Do Bartenders and Musicians really get 100% of the “Tips”?

Yes! The bartenders and musicians get 100% of the donations “tips.” Once a donation takes place, tips go directly into the accounts of the tip recipient. Iron Smoke Distillery does not handle any of the tips in any way, we are simply facilitating this platform for giving along with our partners Managed Services Team (MST) and Truth Collective.

+ I’m Locked Out of My Account, How Do I Contact Support?

You can follow the prompt to get back into your account here. For all other support issues, please send us an email at

For Bartenders & Musicians

+ How Do I Sign Up To Recieve “Tips”?

You can receive donations by signing up as a bartender or musician and following the prompts on the sign-up page. On this page, you’ll be prompted to enter your unique Venmo or PayPal account name to receive donations.

+ How Do I Submit a Drink Recipe or Performance?

You can submit a drink recipe or performance by signing up as a bartender or musician here and following the prompts. Once on the page, you’ll have the option to upload a profile picture, drink image and/or video, ingredients and instructions for your drink or a video of your performance of an original song!

+ How Do I Link My Venmo or PayPal to Get Tips?

You can link to Venmo or PayPal by signing up here and following the prompts on the sign up page. All tips received will go directly into your Venmo or PayPal account.

+ Can I Gather Tips Using a Different Form of Payment?

At this time, we are only offering Venmo or PayPal as payment methods.

+ Do I Get To Keep All of My Tip That Someone Gave Me?

Yes! You get to keep 100% of the tip that someone gave you. Iron Smoke Distillery nor do any of their partners touch the tips in any way.

+ Can I Sign Up Even If I’m Not a Professional Bartender or Musician?

At this time, we prefer if only those whose professional work has been affected by the recent COVID-19 crisis truly need it.

For Gratuities “Tips”

+ How Do I Tip to a Bartender or Musician?

You can leave a tip for a bartender or musician by viewing a profile clicking the “TIP ME” button underneath their cocktail name and then paying them through Venmo or PayPal.

+ Can I Contact a Bartender or Musician?

At this time, you may not contact a bartender or musician through our website or service. However, feel free to leave them a personal note when you issue them payment through Venmo or PayPal or follow them if they provide a social link!

+ Can I Contact a Bartender or musician If I Leave a Tip?

No, at this time, you may not contact a bartender or musician through our website. You may leave them a personal note through Venmo or PayPal when issuing them a tip.

+ Will a Bartender or Musician Know If I Left Them a Tip?

Yes, a bartender or musician will know if you left them a tip. Our service integrates with the API of Venmo and PayPal and does not currently allow for anonymity.

+ Can I Tip a Bartender or Musician Anonymously?

At this time, you cannot leave a bartender or musician a tip anonymously. Our website and service acts as a third party between the tip recipient and the tipper. We integrate with Venmo and PayPal which currently notifies a user when funds have been placed into their account.

+ How Many Different Bartenders Can I Tip?

As many as you’d like! There is no limit.

+ Does 100% of My Tip Go to That Bartender?

Yes, 100% of your tip will go directly to that specific bartender. Iron Smoke Distillery nor its partners touch any of the donations.